​Media Transfers

We all have them – old home video and audio tapes that should

be transferred to DVD,  CD, or another digital format before they deteriorate any further. Don't wait any longer! Peterson Productions

will transfer your old tapes at a reasonable cost. We handle most

forms of video and audio recordings. For more information on

formats and pricing, please click here.

Fargo VHS to DVD
​Coronavirus Update

Yes!  We are still open!

We have ways to continue working with you to transfer your old tapes to digital format, while trying to protect everyone's health, including ours.


Starting immediately, and for the forseeable future, we will not be doing any face-to-face consulting. Any instructions you may have for us about your tapes will need to be done either by phone, or by written
notes that you attach to your tapes.


We will  take your contact information by phone. When you are ready to drop off your media, just give us a phone call before coming over and we will be ready to step outside to pick up your order which you will drop off on our front porch. Pickup and payment will be handled in much the same way.


Use our contact page to reach
us by phone or message.

Pet Videos

Don’t you deserve one

starring your best friend?

Video Slideshows

The perfect gift for any special occasion!


We don't create just any video for you.

We take care to restore & color correct

your photos and expertly crop them.

(Over 25 years of experience with PhotoShop helps!) And we spend time

with you to make sure your video is just what you want.