Customer Reviews

These are actual, unsolicited, written comments sent to Peterson Productions by satisfied customers:

Adam & Phil, Hi! Thank you for all of your time and patience with this project! We are all excited to have these pictures, videos and memories. Wish you all the best in your work and lives.  Thanks again!             P.M.

Phil, we cannot wait for our family to see the DVD. Thank you for all the extra work you have done for us – you have gone above and beyond. We will say a prayer for you and your wife – good health, happiness and joy!

K. & C.C.


Oh wow! That's beautiful and will be perfect! Thank you so much! I have decided to also make some canvas pictures to give to the pastor of the church and his professor at Concordia from this very picture thanking them in my own words. Thanks again… the pictures and DVD are priceless to many. I hope you realize your work goes beyond the technology but true emotions for people that they would not have without your help to bring it to life. Thank you many times over!          T.H.


Thanks for putting our memories on a DVD.          S.W.


Phil, thanks again for fitting in my project last week. My wife really appreciated it and we took the time to watch sections of the video that we had not seen in a very long time. I will point others in your direction as the subject comes up.          E.R.


* Thank you so much for doing DVD’s for us & our children and getting it done for Christmas! By the time we found out about you, it was getting right down to the wire. We are so pleased that you could take both the pictures and video clips off of my camera and now we all can enjoy the wonderful memories we made from our family Hawaii trip together!    I know we will be using your services again!  Thanks a lot!         L.L.


Phil, you DID work magic on converting that old VHS tape to a DVD! I can't believe the improved clarity and the lack of "jumping" that made viewing of the VHS tape so difficult. I'm so grateful that you have restored a precious memory for viewing!
Thank you!             D.P.


Thank you so very much for producing Dad's A/V tribute. I brought lots of both tears and smiles to family and guests. May God's blessings be bountiful!                                                                                                         F.W.


I just wanted to thank you so profusely for what you did for us in such quick time. This is an absolutely magnificent tribute. Everything’s perfect. I loved, loved, loved the ending. Thank you for your creativity and your professionalism.                                                 D.M.


Phil, you are the BEST at everything you do! What a great job you did. I really do appreciate it. What a professional you are. I’ll recommend you always to others. Thank you so much.                                                 D.K.


Thank you for the excellent video. You did a wonderful job!  M.E.


Thank you for the outstanding work you did for us!     C.A.


Thank you so much for all you did to get the memorial video done for the funeral. This will be a keepsake we will treasure forever. Our family was so pleased how it turned out!   B.W.


Awesome video! Thank you!     J.J.


Thank you – an excellent production.   A.O.


Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on the video. It is hard to explain how much it meant to all of us who loved and admired her.  Her 4-year-old great-grandson began to clap after the DVD ended at her funeral and everyone else applauded with him! She surely looked down from heaven and smiled and would want to tell you how amazing it was and how talented you are. Thank you.       J.W.


Thank you for the wonderful job of combining the photos and music we selected for my Father’s video tribute. It was a great collection of memories through which everyone was able to reflect and celebrate his life at the memorial service last Saturday. You are an artist – I really appreciated how you cleaned up the photos, chose where the Ken Burns effect would start and end (with great dramatic effect in some of the shots!) and how the music was incorporated in all the sections of the tribute. Thank you for doing all of this so expertly and calmly under such time pressure.       V.G.


It is well done; thanks for your work.      L.S.


You did a fantastic job on the video.       J.E.


Thank you very much for the amazing video you created for our brother. We feel it was perfect and they way you scrolled by each photo and zoomed in on his face was comforting. The music we chose was exactly right for the effect we wanted. We received many compliments on the video from family and friends. We so appreciate your helping us at a time when we couldn’t even think straight. Your work is very well done and I gave many people your name as they complimented the video.  J.L.


Thanks so much for such a great gift to share with our  families. You did a great job. Thanks.      P.V.


We were very pleased with the DVD.              A.O.


Thank you for putting together the video for my mom’s funeral. It was very well done! Thank you.       J.M.


Thanks you! The video was great and we were pleased.   A.L.  Family


My mother and I were extremely happy with the excellent job you did with Dad’s video. Thank you so much. Your talents and person attributes are put to very good use doing this important work for families.                J.R.


Thank you for the beautiful video presentation you did of my brother. It’s a keepsake that I will cherish forever. We received many compliments on it. Thanks again!  L.W.


Thank you so much for the DVD you put together for my brother. The transition from one picture to another was timed perfectly with the music and the final product was very moving. What a fantastic tribute to his life.    J.M.


Thank you!  Our family loved the video.     S.W.


Thank you for this beautiful memory – so well done.     B.R.


Excellent job on the video tribute for my father. It was a big hit. Our family had so many comments on the video. Once again, you did an excellent job on the video.    D.P.


Thanks a lot. I treasure the memories.     P.S.


You did a great job on my Dad’s memorial. Everyone loved it.     J.O.


Thank you for the wonderful video you did for dad. We heard a lot of compliments.    B.H.


Thank you for the beautiful quality of the video you created for my husband.    S.E.


Thank you so much for the beautiful video of my father-in-law. You did a wonderful job. There are no words to describe how much the video will mean to us in years to come.    K.M.


You did a great job!     T.S.


I wanted to thank you for the great work you did on my father’s video. It was so well done and it will be a wonderful keepsake of my father.     D.O.


Thank you for doing such a nice job on the video.     B.J.


Thank you for the wonderful video you put together for our family.  J.S.


Thanks so much for the great job on Mom’s memorial video. It’s beautiful. We all love it! God Bless.  A.W.


Thanks again for your talents and work in helping us celebrate my mom’s life. We all appreciate it very much.        A.J.


Thanks so much for the beautiful DVD you made for my mom. Everyone enjoyed it so much!     A.J.


I am so pleased with this video. The music was the perfect touch. As always, Phil, you have outdone yourself.      J.D.


You did a great job on the video. Thank you! God bless!   Linda Thompson

Thank you! Great job.  C.H.


DVD turned out great!    R.H.


It was beautifully done.   A.K.


Thank you so much! The video of dad was wonderful and we will cherish it forever!  R.S.


We loved the DVD you put together for Dad’s funeral. Thanks for the memories!   D.L.


You did a wonderful job. Thanks.  M.L.


First of all, I’d like to express my appreciation and gratitude for the beautiful video you put together for my brother. Everyone absolutely loved it and the memories will forever be captured and saved on that video. Thanks you so very much!!   S.K.


Thanks for a beautiful job.  S.L.


Your cooperation and quality of work done could not have been more satisfactory. Thank you.   J.D.


You did a wonderful job. Thank you.  R.H.


Thanks for a very good video.   A.E.


We were very happy with the video. You did a wonderful job.    M.H.


Thank you for the beautiful work on the video. It means so much to our family.   J.M.


I want to thank you for the great job you did. It’s hard to express how impressed I was with your work. With the pictures and music fitting so perfectly matched, I doubt any other tribute could have been better. Thank you! Many folks have complimented me on the video tribute. Once again, thank you for an outstanding job!        M.M.


Thank you for the good work on putting together the DVD for our mother. It was very well done and much appreciated!  J.J.


Loved it – especially the neon lettering.  R.J.


Thanks so much for making such an awesome DVD! It was truly an honor to my mother!   M.E.


Thanks so much for your work.   C.O.


Wow!  Thank you so much.     H.Z.


I can’t tell you how wonderful it turned out. You did such a marvelous job in the short time you were given.  The picture you chose for the cover of the DVD brought a tear to my eye. My mom loved that dog. She used to take him for walks and he was always there for her naps. Again, thank you for the wonderful job you did!     J.S.


Beautiful job on the DVD!! Thank you very much!! D.L.


Thanks for the video. You did a wonderful job. This is a keepsake memory for all of us.  B.N.


I just wanted to let you know what a magnificent job you did on my Mom’s video slideshow. It meant so much to all of us that you treated it with such care and feeling. It was as if you knew my Mom and a lot of our family’s history because things were just the way they should have been. You are surely in the right business. God bless you!      T.S.


The first time I saw the DVD I cried. What a beautiful testimonial and tribute to Jim’s life.  It was such a powerful message of life and love.  B.M.


Thank you for putting together the very beautiful video for my mother’s funeral. Our family will treasure it always.   Thank you again.      F.M.




Yes!! I love it!  That is perfect. Thank You!                         A.S.

Phil, Thank you for your work on the cassette that just wouldn't do what we wanted! I'm very grateful for your attempts to make a CD from such an old tape. P.S. The DVDs of the old family movies are just great. My sister-in-law and step-daughter are pleased as can be also. We all thank you for that!                  M.F.


Phil,  thank you very much. I love what and how you did the video. It turned out beautifully. Debra is going to love it! Thank you for the great video.          D.G.


Phil, you went way beyond your scope of duty by bringing the new tape (video) to me. Again, thank you.             R.W.


Hi Phil, I just watched our "Celebration of Fifty Years." I think it turned out great. I appreciate the music at the end with our three pictures and scanning in and out. So glad you were able to cut out some errors.  Thank you for doing such a great job for us.      B.C.


I watched the DVD of old family movies today, and I'm so grateful for the good work you did. My husband passed away last fall and I found the VHS tape on his bookcase. His daughter and his sister will love to see these movies from his childhood.

Many thanks!        M.F.


Thank you! Thank you so very much for the great video for Mom’s birthday! My family really appreciates it and so many were touched at the party. There were a lot of tears in the church basement that afternoon! We received many compliments. I know it will be watched over and over and I see it as a legacy for the grandchildren and great-grandkids especially. You did a wonderful job, Phil, with pictures, timing and music! I can’t thank you enough.      P.N.


It is with a grateful heart that I thank you for creating the beautiful video that you did for the Carol Weiss benefit.        L.W.


Thank you Phil! Fabulous, as always.     J.I.


Thank you very much for the beautiful video.   D.P.


We want to thank you for your creative work and special attention to our mom’s memorial video.    D.K.


I want to thank you so much! It was so wonderful! I just can’t tell you how much it means to us. Thank you again and again.   C.C.


Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job. Also, being such a pleasure to work with!       K.T.


Thank you so much for all the hard work on this video. Your work is beautiful – we’ll cherish the video for sure.      T.I.


Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job on Dad’s video. We couldn’t have been more pleased. Yes, we did cry. Several people commented on how much they enjoyed it.      H.F.


Thank you very much – many compliments on video.      J.D.


The video was a great hit and I believe Bruce is still in a state of shock. He got all choked up.      M.R.


The video was perfect. My family enjoyed and appreciated the wonderful visual memories.    T.N.


Our family thanks you for the wonderful video slideshow. Excellent!          R.S.


We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful video you did for us! Your work is outstanding! Thanks to you we will have these pictures/moments to cherish forever. It shows in your work that you truly love what you do.         C.A.


You did a beautiful job on the DVD and it is something we will cherish for years to come.    S.W.


Thank you so much! You do great work. I love the DVD pictures of my mom’s life.    G.G.


Thanks to you for a job well done. Many comments on the quality of your work.    M.E.


The video was great!     C.B.


Thank you so much for the remarkable video. You captured Lincoln’s spirit, and the rhythm of his life. We are so grateful for the high caliber of your talent. The video was great and all were impressed. Thanks!    D.F.


Man, what a great job on the video. Thanks for sharing your gift with [our] family   J.S.


You did a fine job on the DVD. Everyone enjoyed it.   C.H.


The video for our father was put together very nicely. Thank You!   B.A.


You did a beautiful job – so many compliments.    M.K.


You did such a nice job. Thanks.     M.L.


On behalf of the family, I wanted to send our sincere appreciation and thanks for the beautiful video production you created for my brother. The music you selected couldn’t have been a better reflection of his life. Again, thank you for creating such a lovely remembrance of him.      N.R.


You did such an outstanding job on the video for our Bob’s funeral and visitation that we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate it and treasure having copies of it. The music was perfect too!      M.I.


The video was great. Lots of good feedback!        B.W.


Thank you for the amazing job you did on Bruce’s video. It will be treasured.      J.M.


Thank you so much for the video of the Jacobsons. What wonderful memories! I have laughed and cried as I have watched it many times. You did a beautiful job of putting it all together – and the music was great! Thank you!       B.J.


Thank you so much! Great job!       L.F.


Thank you for the wonderful job on the video.       G.W.


Thanks for the great video for mom’s funeral.        J.H.


Your work is so beautiful. What a valuable art you bring to our community. Thank you.    D.M.


Well done!       P.J.


Thanks for the wonderful job.       B.K.


What a beautiful, artfully created video you did for our mom & dad. Your talents are so appreciated in our community.      P.M.


The video was great. It was a very nice tribute to my father. You did a great job.     K.H.


We are very pleased with the video slideshow for my husband. Thank you.        D.N.


Wanted to give you a special thanks for making the DVD. It meant a lot to me and I know many others greatly enjoyed it.       A.B.


Thanks again for another great video.      C.O.


The recent video memorial you produced for our family was awesome. Thanks you very much for the excellent production. You do great work! Everyone absolutely loved the video.     J.J.


You did a great job on the video for my mother. We had many comments on it.   B.F.


Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on Mom’s remembrance video. It is such a nice service to us who are so lost and in mourning.   C.K.


We wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed the program you put together for our mother. It added to what we hoped was a celebration of her life. Thanks.   G.L.


Thanks for your great work!!     C.O.


Thank you for capturing so many great memories of our mom and dad.     M.N.


The memorial video was beautiful. It was perfect.      L.L.


Many thanks for the wonderful video you prepared as a tribute to Bob. He would have loved it. Our family will treasure our copies of the DVD.    V.L.


Thank you so much for the beautiful video of our mother. We watched it smiling through tears. It was perfect.      C.W. family


I want to thank you for making the DVD of Dick’s life. It will be a great keepsake.    B.L.


The video is wonderful. Many thanks.       J.T.


Thank you!  Very nice.    E.C.


Just wanted to let you know how much my family enjoyed the video, especially my mom – and all the flag stuff! Thanks again for all the TLC you gave it.   M.H.


I just wanted to express my family’s gratitude for the work you did on my father’s funeral video. It turned out far better than we could’ve hoped for and was a great conversation starter.  D.P.


The DVD was a hit! Thanks!   S.K.


The video was wonderful! Thanks.    S.W.


You did a wonderful job putting together the picturesof Meredith. The music and pictures flowed so well. It is a blessing to have this remembrance. We can’t thank you enough for your time and effort.        D.H.


Thanks for such a wonderful video!        K.R.


The video was great.      R.P.


Thank you – it was wonderful!   S.G.


Thank you for the beautiful job you did on the video! It was wonderful.  God Bless You.     J.R.


You did a wonderful job on the tribute for my mother.    C.R.


Thank you! The video was amazing!    J.M.


What a great idea.  Very well done – thank you.  P.N.

You did a beautiful job on the video for my mother. I could tell you were really listening to us as we talked about her and you captured so many aspects of her. The addition of the pictures of the Philippines and the flag was so much appreciated. You really have a gift for this.     L.C.


* This comment was orginally given verbally, so I asked the individual to write down their thoughts.