Your home video and audio tapes are priceless.
They cannot be replaced.

But you are losing them day by day – a little at a time – as they deteriorate due to age and humidity. Don't wait any longer! Use our services to transfer your videos to high quality DVDs, and your audio tapes to CDs, so you can enjoy them for many more years. If you like, we will even transfer your media to digital files so they can be played on almost any computer, tablet or smart phone

Media Transfers

Unlike the big box" stores, which usually send your priceless media out of town for

transferring, Peterson Productions does your transfer right here at our location in Fargo.

Video and Audio Recording Formats

There are many different formats of analog video and audio recording. We handle most of them.

Video formats transfer to DVD, digital file, or both:





8mm videotape:

   Video 8

   Hi 8

   Digital 8

Audio formats transfer to

CD, digital file, or both:

Audio Cassettes

LP / Vinyl records

Reel-to-Reel Tapes


Prices start
at just $24!